Beautiful plants in seconds

The Plant Pie root system spreads laterally, maximizing every inch of the soil

The most beautiful plants around


The Plant Pie method is a remarkable, patented way of growing plants in a round shallow tray that has been found to perform better than the standard method of growing from individual cells, trays and pots.

For wholesale greenhouses to landscapers, garden centers to home gardeners, the Plant Pie has become the new standard in plant tray technology. Customers are discovering that the Plant Pie produces top quality, thriving flowers and plants because of how the roots develop. By using top-quality soil and following the simple and easy directions, you’ll marvel at how the Plant Pie root system spreads laterally maximizing every inch of the soil within it’s shallow 3-inch, ribbed tray.

Greenhouses are discovering a more convenient way to display, load and ship with the Plant Pie. Landscapers are saving time buying plants for their customers and spending less time digging holes and cleaning up. Home gardeners are creating beautiful gardens in just seconds.

Plant Pie takes the guesswork out of gardening.

Start growing beautiful, healthy plants faster with Plant Pie.
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